Tuesday, January 25, 2011

shohin ulmus parvifolia

This one started this as a matchstick-thin cutting maybe ten years ago.  I have rebuilt it many times as I learned more.  It's one of the few of my early bonsai still around.  Now it almost looks right.  The pot is still too big, but i didn't want to risk reducing the roots even further.  It works pretty well in the round.

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  1. Hi..just found your site. The little Ulmus is a good project with a excellent result! I've recently done a batch of our little 7 year old Chinese imports. Placed in a big plastic nursery pot with 100% Seramis.....pruning back after branch selection every 3 - 4 months.....Will upload a few images. Check our website, we operate in what I reckon is the toughest climate for bonsai...in fact...anything!!