Sunday, April 10, 2011


Juniper, from auctioned nursery stock.  Just needs to puff out a bit.  A weaponized bonsai. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slim pair (Liquidambar)

A slim twin trunk Liquidambar from two saplings.  The branches still have a long way to go...

Liquidambar cave

This began as a 20 foot tree dug from the landscape.  All of the above ground parts have been removed, and the current interesting trunk was part of the root structure below ground.  The trunk and branches are all formed from suckers off of the root mass.  At some point, i split the tree in two.  The other half is coming along as well, and some time i may plant the two together as a small grouping.  The sides of the resulting hollow sealed over, forming an intriguing cave from the main front view.The branching is coming along, although it is still too coarse and simple.  Getting Liquidambar to be anything but coarse is a bit of a challenge.  It is19 inches high, currently.

rear view...
other half